Sign requiring mandatory use of helmets and hearing protectors

Sign requiring the use of helmets and hearing protectors, available in various sizes, materials and languages.


Technical information


These are some of the materials we usually work with. Not all products are available on our website in all supports, since we usually choose the most suitable one for each poster. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want your poster in another material or if you want more information.

See more information about materials.

Material Impression Thickness Indoor resistance Outdoor resistance
Stickers / Adhesives
Vinyl Solvent Inks 70 microns Very high Half
laminated vinyl Solvent Inks 140 microns Very high high
Rigid/semi-rigid materials
Glasspack/PVC UV inks 0.7mm Very high Half
PVC/Foam Laminated polymer vinyl 3mm Very high high
Aluminum Laminated polymer vinyl 1mm Very high high
Composite Laminated polymer vinyl 3mm Very high high

Sizes and display


It is recommended that the signs have appropriate measurements according to the characteristics of the facilities where they will be placed.
The following table indicates the observation distances, depending on the measurements of the signs.

Guy Sign Measurements (in mm) Viewing distance (m)
Danger pe_tr_pq.png 100 (side) 3.2
150 (side) 4.7
300 (side) 9.5
Danger pe_pq.png A5 148x210 4.4
A4 210x297 6.2
A3 297x420 8.7
pr_ob_tr_pq.png 100x100 3.5
150x150 5.9
300x300 11.9
pr_ob_pq.png A5 148x210 5.9
A4 210x297 8.3
A3 297x420 11.8
ex_ev_pq.png 210x210 10
297x224 10
297x210 10
297x105 10
297x148 10
320x160 10
224x224 10


We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of stickers and posters of a work nature, always following the guidelines of current legislation on signage. Some standards are applicable to certain signs and conditions, the most important of which are:


ISO 7010
CTE Technical Building Code: RD 314/2016, 1371/2007, 173/2010.
NBA Basic self-protection regulations: RD 393/2017.
RSCIEI Industrial establishments: RD 2267/2004.
RD 485/1997 on safety signage.
RD 486/1997 on workplaces.
RD 685/2006 on safety in road tunnels.
RIPCI: Regulation of fire protection installations: RD 513/2017.
Civil Code.
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation.

Spanish regulations UNE

UNE 23035/2003 Photoluminescent signage.
UNE 23034/1988 Measures and pictograms for evacuation.
UNE 23033/2018 Colors, shapes and pictograms of PCI signals.
UNE 23032/2015 Evacuation Plans.


Rigid or semi-rigid posters

We recommend adhering them with plastic adhesives such as glue, silicone or similar when the surface is irregular or porous. And with double-sided tapes on smooth or polished surfaces. In some cases they can be fixed with plugs and screws, although this can lead to damage to the sign if the drilling is not done with sufficient care.

Adhesives - Stickers

They are self-adhesive products, they have their own glue included. They are only likely to stick to smooth, polished and slightly porous surfaces. This is the case of glass, sheet metal, bodywork and other treated materials with good adhesion. They are not valid to be placed on walls, trellises, exposed blocks, rusty or salty surfaces.


The stickers are made on self-adhesive vinyl. As an example, this adhesive is the one used in the labeling of vehicles, trucks or on illuminated signs of establishments.

They are highly resistant and durable adhesives. The design chosen by you is printed directly on the material.

As the name of the material indicates, it is self-adhesive, which means that after removing the support material it is possible to adhere the sticker to any flat surface. It is not possible to stick these vinyls on gotelé walls, plaster walls or similar. A clean and preferably polished surface will always be necessary, such as glass, metal, methacrylate, polished and varnished wood, smooth ceramics, etc.

Duration: unlimited indoors, and long outdoors

Protection: as an option, this vinyl can be laminated with a layer of transparent vinyl (laminator) that gives it greater resistance to scratching, manipulation, and liquids.

Thickness: available 70 microns and 140 microns when laminated

Rough vinyl for floors
Rough vinyl for floors

Duration: very long indoors, and medium outdoors

Protection: on the print we apply a rough transparent vinyl laminate that gives it greater resistance to scratching, handling, liquids, also obtaining certain anti-slip capabilities.

Thickness: 140 microns.

Rigid or semi-rigid


Characteristics: It is a semi-rigid and resistant material, commonly used in signage of all types. For example, it is the same material that credit cards are made with.

Printing: we directly print the design chosen by you from our catalog or, upon request, any other printing, with UV inks or PVC inks. In some cases, depending on the design, quantity or size, we usually adhere printed monomeric adhesive vinyl to PVC without implying lower quality or durability. This layer of vinyl is protected with another layer of transparent laminating vinyl that gives it superior resistance to the elements.

Specifications: available thickness: 0.7mm

foamed PVC
Printed foamed PVC

Features: Foamed PVC sheet with a smooth surface finish making it ideal for digital printing and screen printing.

Printing: on this material we can apply different marking techniques that vary depending on what we want to print and the duration we want it to have. Although since it is a very suitable material for outdoors, we usually offer the marking with polymeric and laminated vinyl, previously described. We can also print it with UV inks.

Specifications: available thicknesses: 3, 5, and 10mm


Features: we use anodized aluminum as a support for signs designed for outdoor installation. It has great protection against corrosion and high resistance to surface abrasion. It is a thin, light and very durable material.

Printing: on this material we apply printing on laminated polymer vinyl.

Specifications: available thickness 1mm


Characteristics: it is an aluminum composite panel with a polyethylene interior, especially optimized for the visual communication sector. It can be easily molded in three dimensions and at the same time is extremely stable and rigid in bending. It is ideal for interior and exterior applications.

The AlMg1 alloy provides stability, particularly high corrosion resistance and excellent further processing possibilities

The black polyethylene core provides stability and optimal long-term performance in outdoor installations.

Printing: on this material we can apply different marking techniques that vary depending on what we want to print and the duration we want it to have. Although since it is a very suitable material for outdoors, we usually offer the marking with polymeric and laminated vinyl, previously described. We can also print it with UV inks.

Specifications: available thickness 3mm


Characteristics: methacrylate/Plexiglas® (PMMA) is characterized by its high transparency and optical quality as well as its great resistance to weathering and UVA rays from the sun. Visually similar to glass, it is however much lighter as well as resistant to shocks and impacts, which makes it much more versatile. It also stands out for offering good acoustic and thermal insulation.

Printing: This material can be laser engraved, mechanically milled or directly applied printing with UV inks and vinyls with and without lamination.

It has two printable sides so you can print on the inside and when installing the plate the print is protected by the transparent material. This gives it a finish with a luxurious, professional yet durable appearance.

Specifications: available thicknesses: 3, 5, and 10mm

Magnetic sheet

Features: Magnetic sheet is a flexible magnetic material that sticks to iron-containing surfaces. The magnetic underside is provided with a matte UV lacquer that preserves the surface on which the film is glued. The printable top side of the sheet is coated with white polyvinyl chloride (PVC); Unlike the underside, it is not magnetic.

Printing: this material can be printed directly with UV inks or with laminated or non-laminated vinyl.

Specifications: available thickness: 0.9mm

OB066 - Mandatory use of helmet and hearing protectors

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